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MY FRIENDS ARE BABES get ready guys for all the photos from the 1st annual Mountains to Dust folk punk fest in Sooke, BC!!! im swooning over the west coast and the bio luminescent ocean and all my friends.

DIT TORONTO: D-Beatstro 



Erika & Jess have both been organizing community events for over 10 years. Always striving to find alternative all ages DIT spaces has not always proven to be the easiest task, we intend to bring a permanent community space to Toronto with a focus on live music, community art, vegan comfort food & a damn fine cup of coffee.

 D-Beatstro will function on the surface as simply a café and art space, which provides food security and fair employment opportunities for marginalized folks.. However there will be a focus on cultivating a culture of community through socially conscious artists, performers, movies and speakers. 

we are reaching out for help within the community to get d-beatstro off the ground! please help spread the word :) 


This is a really great cause and I can’t imagine anyone more suiting to spearhead the endeavor and it’ll be a really great thing for the Toronto community and a really cool landmark for travelers to stop by at I’M SURE and I can’t wait to see it get off the ground!!!

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How about a little mandolin interlude? Cahalen Morrison and Eli West at the Fretboard Journal offices…

Not sure I want another relationship where the highlights are drinking and sex and the different places you can do either.

These are two events I’ve done in the last month, let me make your show posters for you.

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We’ve gotta set a date for those SnP’s.

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Working on a show poster, it couldn’t be coming any slower.

Working on a show poster, it couldn’t be coming any slower.

If you fell, I would carry you
Wither thou wilt, I’d bear you
as lightly as a loon
To some future time, where the ocean shines
in perpetual afternoon

and the Gulls sing
as they ride the wind home
and I envy their hymn,
though it’s the only song they know—
It’s the only song they have to know

Headed to Boston next weekend (26th-29th), is there anyone in the area that wants to hangout/any shows going on/I wanna get a tattoo but don’t know any artists in the area, can anyone suggest someone worthwhile?

Sounds like I’ll be printing the next batch of Ramlord and Leather Chalice patches, so that’s cool.

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